I’m a Biologist turned Web Developer with a focus in Ruby and Javascript. If I’m not in the lab or with my family, then I am coding...sometimes even when I'm in the lab. Currently I'm working on building web applications using Ruby on Rails and React.JS.

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An example site for a small business. Basic html/css. Some javascript on
the form.

Image of Sisters and Sweets website

Tribute Page: A project for FreeCodeCamp. Mainly showcasing html/css skillset.

Image of Bruce Lee

CAFE is youth educational org. I redesigned their site as a volunteer project.

Image of Cafeyouth website

An Order Tracking app written in Ruby
using Sinatra. It uses sqlite3 as
the database for development.

Image of Web Application

This is a web app that gives users information on elected officials.

Image of Civically Engaged web app.

A project for FreeCodeCamp. It uses the
Openweather API.

Image of Weather Application

Have a request or a comment? Let me know by using the form. I will get back to you within 48 hours but usually sooner than that. I look forward to hearing from you.

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