DC Tai Chi

How you Think is How You Will Move

DC Tai Chi: A path to self discovery

From begining to end, life is a journey of learning about yourself. Tai Chi facilitates this by slowing things down: the body, the breath, the mind.
Through low impact movement together with a reflective approach to martial application, a more clearer picture of who you are will emerge. Once you know
who you are, you will be free to be who you are.

Master Instructor: Nick Gracenin

The study and practice of Taijiquan is the study of natural harmony. Through the movements, the deep breathing, the focus of intention, the ideal of body and mind in synch becomes reality.Proper practice of Qigong and Taijiquan can help us rediscover our natural movement, freedom of energy, and personal potential.

After 40 years of teaching martial arts, 35 of these including Taijiquan, I have been privileged time and again to witness personal transformation when my students overcome physical, psychological and emotional barriers to health and well-being. Those are the times I most love being a teacher.


  • Began martial arts training in 1969
  • Began Chinese martial arts in 1977
  • B.A. Penn State 1980
  • Apprentice to Chinese Grandmasters
  • Trained at Beijing University of Physical Education
  • Trained with Professional Martial Arts Teams in China
  • Certified International Coach International Wushu Federation 2000
  • Certified International Judge China Wushu Association 1987
  • 10th Degree Black Belt - International Wushu Research Federation 2012


  • Named to “100 Extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists of the World” 2007
  • Inside Kung-Fu magazine Hall of Fame Man of the Year 2005
  • Inside Kung-Fu “100 people who have made the most impact on martial arts this century” 2000
  • 14 medals at World Championships for US Tai Chi and Wushu Teams,competing in Long fist, Taijiquan, Taiji sword, Xingyiquan, Praying Mantis fist, Sword, Spear, Liangyiquan, and Group Taijiquan performance
  • World Tai Chi Bronze Medal USA 1995
  • World Wushu Championship Men’s All-around Bronze Medal Tianjin, China 1986
  • International Tai Chi Silver Medal Wuhan, China 1984

    • American Psychological Association: Taijiquan Instructor
    • American University: Taijiquan Instructor
    • Columbia Country Club: Taijiquan Instructor
    • Equinox DC: Taijiquan, Meditation Instructor
    • Inter-American Development Bank: Taijiquan, Self-defense Instructor
    • National Gallery of Art: Taijiquan Instructor
    • National Industries for the Blind: Taijiquan Instructor
    • International Taijiquan Symposium, Vanderbilt: Panelist, Emcee
    • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Center for Integrative Medicine: Taijiquan Instructor
    • Bank of New York Mellon: Taijiquan Instructor
    • Area Agency on Aging: Taijiquan Instructor
    • Catholic Charities: Taijiquan Instructor
    • Penn State University: Taijiquan and Physical Education Instructor
    • Youngstown State University: Physical Education Instructor
    • Chinese Wushu Research Institute, Boston: Instructor General
    • Wushu Coach: Harvard, Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, Ursinus
    • Chief Referee: International Chinese Martial Arts Championships


    • Trained 20 US Team Members, and athletes from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas
    • Trained several US National and International Champions and one Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame Competitor of the Year

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    "The Teacher leads you into the door, the results are up to you..."

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